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Image by Dagmara Dombrovska

Meet Raquel
Integrative Healing Practitioner

​My curiosity into natural healing started in my late teens when I would read for hours and hours, absorbing everything I could.  The first book I read was The Yeast Connection.  I had most of the symptoms and I diagnosed myself with candida and leaky gut when I was only sixteen.  By the age of nine I had already been on numerous antibiotics from repeated bouts of strep throat.  By fourteen I had seen many western doctors, dermatologists, an allergist and TCM Doctor.  I had cystic acne, PMS and depression.  I was prescribed multiple face creams for the acne and when those failed, I was put on birth control, antibiotics and eventually Accutane.  At that time, all the health magazines were praising soy, so I became a vegetarian and replaced dairy with soy milk, and meat with tofu.  


Fast forward two pregnancies later and my health was declining. I had horrible gastrointestinal issues, I was exhausted, thinning hair, cold all the time, unable to gain muscle, PMS, and I had rashes and hives.  I had also seen multiple naturopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths and had tried so many supplements and various diets (vegetarian, GAPS, low histamine, elimination diet, candida).  My symptoms never seemed to get any better, in fact some of those diets made me worse.  I read Nourishing Traditions, Cure Tooth Decay and many other books but I still was not achieving my desired results.  Through all my research I learned I had SIBO, histamine intolerance and still had candida/leaky gut but I had no idea how to treat them.   


Struggling for the majority of my life fueled me to find answers and drove me to become my own health advocate.  I became an Integrative Healing Practitioner so I can help people achieve optimal health.  People waste years chasing after symptoms and getting nowhere.   With the correct protocols and support in place, I believe everyone has the power to heal.

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